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The first Waler Society was founded in March of 1986 at an advertised meeting held at the Empire Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania. The founding members were Janet Lane and Kerry Jarvis, who have had a lifelong interest in the Waler. Alarmed at the rapid disappearance of many precious old Waler lines, they decided to form a Society to preserve, if possible, the Walers left and promote their future breeding.

When it was discovered Mr Reg. W. Wilson of the Northern Territory was publicising through the ABC, papers and Earthwatch, the plight of the wild Walers due to the N.T. Govt's TB-Brucellosis Eradication Program, their efforts to save them saw the first large herd of Walers located and rescued from Northern Territory Station, Mt. Riddoch.

The Society was Incorporated in August of 1988 by Mr. Peter Fischer, who first became involved with Walers and the Society the year prior, after obtaining his first Waler 'Trooper'.

The Waler Horse Owners and Breeders Association Australia Inc. was Incorporated in 2005 by a number of the foundation and original members, including Janet Lane, Peter Fischer, Pat Fischer and Roslyn Sexton, in an effort to continue the preservation of the Waler horse as originally defined.

Their goal was - and still is - to maintain the form and performance of the original Waler. Walers registered by WHOBAA Inc. conform in every respect to the criteria as a breed of horse as

set down in the original studbook.

The Association aims to build awareness throughout the equine community and the wider public of the identity of Australia's very own horses, their importance as part of our Australian pioneering heritage and history.  Further to this,  the  recognition of the  Walers inherent abilities

.and attributes will ensure its future in the future




The founders of  the Waler Horse Owners and Breeders Association of Australia Inc. set the original Criteria and Standards for the Australian Waler as a breed in 1987 when establishing the Waler Horse Society of Australia Inc.

The establishment of the Australian Waler horse as a breed came about as a result of extensive in depth research - including, but not limited to, grass roots interviews, reference to archival documents from many and varied sources - into the circumstances, contributing breeds, and selection criteria which contributed to the evolution of the breed of horse known as the Waler.​ 

The Waler Horse Owners and Breeders Association of Australia Inc. continue to apply and enforce the ideals and principles constituting a Waler as originally defined, however has no allegiance to, and therefore takes no responsibility nor liability for the decisions and/or actions sanctioned by the Waler Horse Society of Australia Inc. since the year 2005.

The Waler Horse Owners and Breeders Association Australia Inc. is in no way involved with the 2013 EQUITANA Mitavite 'Waler Legacy Project', nor do we recognise the horses utilised for the event as Walers without efficient supporting information and details.

Australian Waler Horse Stallion
Australian Waler Horse Stallion
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