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Welcome to WHOBAA


Welcome to WHOBAA

Preserving the Historical Integrity

of Our Heritage Breed

   The Waler is a rugged breed of horse that began it's development in the very early years of Australian Colonial history, their roots stemming from the many and diverse breeds imported for use by the young colony. At this point in time the Waler was not a breed, and had yet to develop into a distinguishable type - rather, they were simply 'Australian' horses; mixed bloods cross-bred to create a superior working horse better suited to the unforgiving Australian environment.

   It wasn't until the mid-1800s, following a boom in demand for the Australian-bred horse from other countries and the establishment of a thriving international horse trade, that the Waler earnt it's name. The term 'Waler' was a nickname coined by the British to describe the horses being imported from New South Wales to India for use as remounts for the cavalry, artillery, and as carriage and sport horses for both the British Army and the Raj in India.

   The Waler Horse Owners and Breeders Association Australia Inc. (WHOBAA) was Incorporated in 2005 by a number of foundation and original members who first formed a Waler studbook in 1986, thus establishing the Waler horse as a breed with inherent, definable and recognisable characteristics. Today’s Walers, as registered by the Association, come from foundation stock that were identified as being genetically isolated stock from older outback stations. These foundation horses have not had any modern breeds introduced into their genetic strain and are the last of the old Waler bloodlines. A Waler classification, management and breeding program has ensured the preservation of the original bloodlines and hardy characteristics.

Australian Waler Horse Stallion
Billjim Australian Waler Horse Stallion

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